Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just Us

Just Us Book Project

This was the idea - and why we came to Philly. Unfortunately, to date we have not been able to find a partnering organization with space that we can work the Project is on hold for now.

The Just Us Book Project is a broad Social Justice program promoting literacy and culture operating on a regional level to bring about positive change both locally and internationally.
The task of The Just Us Book Project is to promote, encourage and organize ongoing book drives regionally on campuses and in schools as well with religious and social organizations and redistribute the collected materials where most needed.
 We believe that culture and literacy have an inherent value beyond quantification and beyond the limits of class stratification. We believe that culture and literacy are basic human rights worldwide.  The Just Us Book Project mission is to expand access.
We will be collecting books with three target groups in mind. We are partnering with the African Library Project to help build pop-up libraries in Sub-Sahara Africa. We are partnering with organizations that send books to prisoners in the USA. We are working hand in hand with various local youth literacy programs.

For donations of 25 or more items, we may be able to schedule a pick-up. Please call or e-mail.

If you are interested in organizing a book drive or getting involved in the effort, please contact us because until there is justice, it’s just us.