Saturday, June 25, 2016

Views from Woodpecker Flats

                                                 Views from Woodpecker Flats

There are seven trailers,an RV and a bus on Woodpecker Flats in various stages of relative habitability. Five trailers and the RV are lived in and the bus is a semi-lived in workshop.

                                          This hand points the way to the garden.
                                                            My Victory Garden

                                                          A Garden Trail    

                                           Now legal in an Oregon Garden

Remains of old art projects, beginnings of new projects or just junk. Sometimes it is hard to tell.

                                                             A Stoned Bear
Big Ben Meets Salvidor Dali in the Garden
                                                   Direction and Orientation

                                                Garden art or artful garden?

                                This is how the garden looked during last winter's rains.

Our Backyard

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